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Commissions » Measure G Oversight Committee
Measure G Oversight Committee
View Measure G Oversight Committee Agendas and Minutes


The City Council of the City of Reedley established a five member Citizen’s Oversight Committee to annually review expenditures and appropriations of the tax revenues to ensure that all such revenues are spent or appropriated for the purposes and uses set forth in Ordinance No. 2007-05, Section 5-11-12, paragraphs (A) and (C), in accordance with the allocations percentages set forth in paragraph (B). The Citizen’s Oversight Committee is also authorized to make recommendations to the City Council regarding the allocation percentages set forth in paragraph (B).

Committee Members:
  • Committee Members shall be a resident of the City of Reedley at the time of appointment and shall remain a resident of the City while serving on the Committee.
  • Each Committee Member shall have a term coinciding with the term of the appointing Council Member.
  • Each Member shall receive the assistance of City staff and shall issue an annual public report on the expenditures and appropriations of the tax revenues. The committee shall undertake such additional duties as the Council may designate.
  • Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (D), the Committee and its members shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 1 of Title 2 of the Reedley Municipal Code, beginning with Section 2-1-1.

Current Committee Members:

Robert Takacs - Committee Chair
Manuel Madrid
Donna Suemoto
Carl Smith
Kathleen Hayes

Fire Chief Jerry Isaak
Police Chief Jose Garza
Lieutenant Marc Ediger
Ruthie Greenwood
For information or questions, you may phone Ruthie Greenwood at (559) 637-4200 ext. 246.

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