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Departments » Administrative » Utilities
The Administrative Services Department handles billing and payment collection for water, sewer and trash services. A $30.00 non-refundable application fee is required to open services. To receive information on how to sign up for these services, please contact a customer service representative by calling (559) 637-4200 extension 218 between the hours of 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Or send an e-mail to Stella Parra at stella.parra@reedley.ca.gov, Crystal Contreras at crystal.contreras@reedley.ca.gov or Jet Espinoza at jet.espinoza@reedley.ca.gov
A deposit equal to a minimum of three (3) months of the actual utility bill may be required to open service. We may also request an official form of photo identification, your social security card, a lease agreement or proof of home ownership.
Municipal services are billed at the beginning of each month for services that will be used for that month. Water rates are now billed with a combination of a flat-rate service fee and a prior-month metered consumption.

Single Family Dwelling
Water Service Fee For 3/4-1" Meter $26.09
Water User (15,000 gallons) $12.75
Sewer Charge $49.35
Disposal Charge $33.54
Total Monthly Bill $121.73

Small Office Commercial With 3/4 Inch Meter
Water Service Fee For Non-Residential 3/4" Meter $32.63
Water User (5,000 gallons) $4.25
Sewer Charge $18.45
Sewer Usage of 5,000 gal $29.75
Disposal Charge (Com. Brown 1 P/U) $26.42
Total Monthly Bill $111.50

Other Meter Info

Important Information
Payment Policies

Water Rate Information in English
Water Rate Information in Spanish

Current Water Rate Resolution
Current Sewer Rate Resolution
Current Disposal Rate Resolution

Payment Options
  • Online - Visa, Mastercard, or E-Check. Requires pre-registration)
  • Office - Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Card.
  • After Hours via Outside Office Drop Box - Check or Money Order only.

Regular Garbage Collection
The City will provide one brown 90-gallon automated container as part of your regular monthly garbage fee. However, a replacement fee will be imposed if the container is lost, stolen or vandalized. Extra containers can be obtained for an additional monthly fee. This automated container will be emptied once a week on your regular garbage day.
To find your regular trash pickup day, view our garbage zone map (PDF download)
Green Waste Collection
Green Waste collection should be separated and placed into 30-gallon cans provided by the customer. Please do not use plastic bags or trash liners. This container will be emptied once a week on your green waste day. Please do not mix regular garbage and green waste ... we recycle! To find your green waste pickup day, view our garbage zone map. The City has already made plans to automate the Green Waste collection and this should be implemented in the near future.
For more information on this, please contact the City's Public Works Department at (559) 637-4200 extension 214 or e-mail roseann.herrera@reedley.ca.gov
Paper Recycling Collection - Blue Trash Cans
Paper recycling containers are blue 90-gallon automated containers. Drop off points for paper goods are located at various locations throughout the City and at City Hall, 845 "G" Street, Reedley. These are free for you to use.
If you are interested in obtaining a container for your place of business, please contact us at (559) 637-4200 extension 214 or you can send e-mail to roseann.herrera@reedley.ca.gov
Curbside Recycling Collection - Blue Trash Cans
Curbside recycling containers are blue 90 or 96-gallon tubs. This program is for residential use only. This program is strictly voluntary, although the City encourages your participation. The container should be set out at the curb in the front of your house on your regular trash pick-up day.
The following types of recyclables are accepted:
• Soda Bottles • Juice Boxes • Milk Containers • Narrow Necked Plastic Bottles
• Glass Bottles and Jars • Tin Cans • Aluminum Cans • Aluminum Foil
• Junk Mail • Paper, • Cereal Boxes • Catalogs
• Magazines and Telephone Books • * Waste Oil • *Car Batteries

*Place next to bin.

Solar Facility Monitoring Links
The City of Reedley has partnered with Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. to install solar arrays at City facilities to reduce ongoing utility costs. The links below show real time and historical power generation and consumption at specific sites.

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