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Building Permits - Obligations
Owner's/Contractor's Obligation During Construction
Building permits often list inspections that are required under the California Building Code. These inspections are carried out by the building inspector, who may check the major phases of your construction. The inspector will be interested in reviewing the work being carried out for variances from:
  • 1. The Building Code
  • 2. Your building permit
  • 3. Building plans and conditions of approval as reviewed by the City of Reedley

The building inspector must be able to see the part of the construction he is to inspect, and usually need 24 hours advance notice.

If the inspector finds that some work does not conform to the reviewed plans, he will advise you and may send you a notice asking that the situation be remedied. Another inspection may be required before you resume work. If work continues without resolving the problem, you can be subject to legal action.

In addition to cooperating with any inspections, you are also required to:
  • 1. Post your building permit in a window or other accessible place on site
  • 2. Keep a copy of your approved building plans on site
  • 3. Bring any proposed changes to the attention of the City of Reedley Building Official as soon as possible. These changes will be reviewed in the same manner as the original building plans.

Solar Facility Monitoring Links
The City of Reedley has partnered with Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. to install solar arrays at City facilities to reduce ongoing utility costs. The links below show real time and historical power generation at specific sites.

Employee & Staff Links
These links are for employee time logins and employee webmail.