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Departments » Community Services
Community Services Department
The Community Services Department offers a variety of programs for our citizens, from the City's youth to our treasured Senior Citizens. The Reedley Community Center is located at 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA 93654 - (559) 637-4203 and you can e-mail the Administrative Assistant at kayla.cheney@reedley.ca.gov

HOURS: Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including the lunch hour. We hope this helps those of you who work out of town or otherwise can't get in during regular business hours. We will be able to assist with registration and facility rentals. However, many of our programs are able to be accessed online.

Thanks to a generous donation from Reedley Lions Club, the new dog park is now open in Mueller Park, directly behind the basketball court. Bring your dog for a run or to socialize with other dogs.

The Community Services staff is very excited to announce that the City of Reedley has implemented Recreation Software effective January 2, 2018. This allows for easy registration from anywhere. Staff has been gearing up for this new step for a few months and are excited that it has started! Users now have the ability to register for classes, sports leagues, swim lessons, etc. from the comfort of their own home.
All customers need to set up an account, which can be done from a smart phone or computer. This process should only take about 5 minutes. Logins can be completed via a Facebook sign in or by creating your own login. In addition to the ease of signing up and paying for programs, the software allows the City to stay in touch with customers via email and text message updates for reminders, closure information or other important announcements.
Kiosks are also available in the Community Services Office at the Reedley Community Center to set up your account. Staff is available to assist you.
  • Smartphone: Set up an account using your phone or tablet by downloading the DASH ONLINE app from the Apple or Android Store
  • Computer: Set up your account from your home computer. Go to DASH Online - Register Here
  • Kiosk: Set up your account using one of our registration kiosks in the Community Services Office at the Reedley Community Center, 100 N. East Avenue
  • Click “Create a New Account”
  • Enter your information as the Adult/Parent (your email address will be your online username).
  • Enter the required contact information (including a password for online login)
  • Enter optional mobile phone and carrier, if you want to opt in for text message alerts
  • Add children, if any
  • Scroll down and initial the liability waiver for yourself and any minors



Example on how to sign up for evening Water Aerobics for August:

  • Choose Registration on the blue ribbon at the top of the page
  • Choose who you are registering (your name)
  • Select Program: Aquatics
  • At Program Search select the Season: Water Aerobics August 2018 PM
  • Click on the green Register button
  • Click Continue
  • Proceed to check out

Example of how to sign up for Swim Lessons:

  • Choose Registration on the blue ribbon at the top of the page
  • Choose who you are registering (your name or child’s name)
  • Select Program: Aquatics
  • Select Season: Aquatics Summer 2018
  • Level: Choose Any or a Specific (Water Babies, etc).
  • Click on the green Register button
  • Click Continue
  • Proceed to check out

Example of how to sign up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Choose Registration on the blue ribbon at the top of the page
  • Choose who you are registering (your name or child’s name)
  • Select Program: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Click on the green Register button of the month you want to pay for (July, August, Sept., etc.)
  • Click Continue
  • Proceed to check out

Reedley Airport
Reedley Municipal Airport covers an area of 138 acres (56 ha) which contains one asphalt paved runway (15/33) measuring 3,300 x 60 ft (1,006 x 18 m).
Leisure Guide January – June, 2020
Contains items of interest for everyone - Seniors, Youth, and Adults. Check out the recreational opportunities for all ages – from 3 year olds to Senior Citizens. In addition to this digital version, printed copies are available at the Reedley Community Center and at City Hall.
A variety of aquatic activities are offered for all ages. All programs take place at Reedley High School pool. Check out our Aquatics page for up to date information.
For specific questions, contact Madison Leighty at madison.leighty@reedley.ca.gov.
Facebook Fan Page
Do you Facebook? If so, become a fan of the City of Reedley’s Community Services Facebook Page.
Recreation Programs
Our department offers a variety of activities for young and old. Check out the Leisure Guide for specifics. Or for upcoming activities, we post fliers on each webpage (Seniors, Youth, Adults, etc).
Tiny Tots Programs
We now provide three sports - Flag Football, Baseball and Basketball. It is a step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem, as well as making sports fun for children ages 3-4 (baseball & basketball) 3-5 (flag football).
Reedley Community Parkway
The Reedley Parkway corridor/bike and pedestrian trail project is a continuous 2.6 mile, multi-use, non-motorized, tree-lined transportation corridor constructed on railbanked railroad right-of-way. The corridor ranges in widths from seventy-five feet (75') to one hundred feet (100') and follows a clearly defined route which extends in a northwest to southeast direction through the center of the City.
Senior Citizens
Our Leisure Guide explains most of our ongoing Senior Programs, but the best way to find out what is going on in our Senior Department is to drop by the Phil Hudson Room on the north end of the Community Center to find out first hand what we have to offer local seniors. A lunch program, classes, and a variety of trips are planned on a regular basis.
Special Event Permit Applications
If you or your group/organization are planning a large event, asking for street closure or other types of encroachments onto city property, you might need to apply for a Special Event Permit. Call the Community Services Office to see if your event qualifies as a Special Event. Our staff will be happy to help you with this process. Call us if you have any questions.
We have rooms in a variety of sizes for wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, classes, and meetings. Check out our Facebook page - Reedley Community Center - for pictures of our facility and decorating ideas.
The City has a variety of parks. Call us for more information on use of City parks for your next event. We have sports parks, river parks, bandshells, pavilions, etc. Call our reservation specialist, Helen Bedolla (559-637-4203) to check on availability and prices.
Contact Information
Sarah Reid, Community Services Director - sarah.reid@reedley.ca.gov Administration, Airport, Transit, Airport Commission, Community Services Commission, Aquatics, Preschool, Enrichment Classes and Activities, After School Programs.
Kayla Cheney, Administrative Assistant - Kayla.Cheney@reedley.ca.gov Airport Hangar and Tiedown Rentals, Facebook and Department Website, Community Recreation Grants, Leisure Guide.
Helen Bedolla - helen.bedolla@reedley.ca.gov or Elizabeth Amaya - Elizabeth.Amaya@reedley.ca.gov Office Assistances Rental of Community Center Parks, and city-wide Special Events.

Jodi Botello, Senior Coordinator - jodi.botello@reedley.ca.gov Newsletter, Meal Programs, Activities and Trips for Local Senior Citizens.

Jesus Rodriguez, Recreation Coordinator - Jesus.Rodriguez@reedley.ca.gov Youth and Adult Sports

Madison Leighty, Recreation Coordinator - Madison.leighty@reedley.ca.gov Aquatics and Enrichments Programs

Karen Rubalcaba, Preschool Teacher - Karen.Rubalcaba@reedley.ca.gov Preschool and Pre K Programs


Solar Facility Monitoring Links
The City of Reedley has partnered with Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. to install solar arrays at City facilities to reduce ongoing utility costs. The links below show real time and historical power generation at specific sites.

Employee & Staff Links
These links are for employee time logins and employee webmail.