Police Department - Operations
The Operations Division is the single largest unit within the police department staffed with four patrol Sergeants, one Corporal, seventeen patrol Officers and three Reserve Officers. The members of the Operations Division provide 24 hour service to the community enforcing all applicable federal, state and local laws and participate in proactive crime prevention strategies. In 2011, officers responded to a total of 10,653 calls for service and wrote over 3,500 police reports. In addition officers handled over 9,600 self-initiated calls for service issuing over 1,600 traffic citations and making over 1,200 arrests. One of the greatest accomplishments for the year was the effort the officers put into reducing the amount of traffic collisions in the City of Reedley. With proactive enforcement the police department was able to reduce the amount of injury and non-injury traffic collisions from 172 collisions in 2010 to 142 collisions in 2011 reflecting a 17% decrease. This was accomplished without the aid of a Traffic Officer as the officer was assigned to patrol due to staffing shortages.

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