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What is an Explorer?
Exploring is the young adult division of the Boy Scouts of America. Explorers are young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21. They join in order to "explore" a variety of programs that offer leadership, fitness, outdoor, service and career hands-on activities. Exploring is learning by doing. It provides lots of fun filled, hands-on activities that promote the conditions necessary for the positive growth and development of adolescent youth.

Young people need experiences that allow them to interact with peers and acquire a sense of belonging, gain experiences in decision making, discuss conflict in values and formulate their own value systems, reflect on the self in relation to others and discover more about themselves by interaction, experiment with their own identity, participate as a responsible member of a group, and cultivate a capacity to enjoy life. Exploring can provide these experiences in wholesome, well-planned programs ran by youth members.

Responsible adults provide advisory guidance and mentoring as these young people develop their own skills and capabilities in the Explorer program.

The Reedley Police Department Explorer Scout program was founded by Chief Joe Garza in 1997.

Any questions about the program can be directed to:
Cyndee Trimble Friesen
Explorer Coordinator at the Reedley Police Department